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Im Back, Same Whip, New Ideas

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so ive decided to keep the es, nice looking car and most people i talk to love interested in lowering it...would a 16 year old with a fair amount of knowledge about cars be able to fit lowering springs on? also what is a good brand? i was tinking 1.5-2 inches would be good....

so far i have tinted the windows and put in sylvanna silverstars, they are pretty nice...i want an hid kit tho...any info on those?...get back to me guys i appreciate it

thanks guys, i f***ing love this forum!!!!

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hids are easy to get , install and cheap compared to the $800 i spent on mine 7 years ago.

Lowering the car is easy but it might be a bit rusty and give you a hard time loosening some bolts , so keep a torch handy , lube the shock mounts and rent a spring compressor. Also wait until you can afford new shocks and do it all at once to save some time and get the best ride.

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Share on other sites dad said he could help me with that stuff.....dude the ls in your pic is freakin SLAMMED im assuming its yours looks nice man.....anyways, are there any bolt ons for the 01 es, like an intake or an exahust for some more hp and torque..not to be a ricer!!!!!! just want some more power\

ok skperformance ive read alot of ur replies and u know ur stuff...the black things people have on the back windhsield near the top and on the top of the windows and before the sunroof they r like little spoilers(sort of not really) just like something to direct wind what are those called and are they available for the 01 es? thanks man

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The things at the top of the rear window are called roof spoilers.

They are a japanese type acessory and not easily available.

Their is no real easy power for it that i know of because i have a 94 ES and am not up on ES mods much.

An exhaust is not great sounding on the 1mz-fe as it is underpowered and droans .

Yes , that is my LS in the pics on air.

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