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Brake Dust Preventitive- Kleen Wheels?

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First of all..Luv the Homey the Clown I miss that show.

1) Someone advised that waxing the wheels give it too much dust attraction, your thoughts? are you referring to carnuba waxes?

2) Why the ONR after clean and wax? Seems redundant to clean wax than clean again

3) I have the upgraded alloy wheels and was not sure the acid based cleaners would not damage alloy wheels (they mention a lot of wheels not to use on in general

Graphite-polished alloy wheels on the es 350 are they = to either Anodized, magnesium , uncoated or powder coated rims? As they are alloy I think not. I Use the Meguirs hot wheel acid which worked wonders on wifes expedition dirty wheels


Clean the rims, apply any wax since all are okay at best and then clean with ONR...I use Acid cleaners 4 times a year and ONR the others....But the wax is the HINT HINT part. :rolleyes:
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I have absolutely never seen the need to use acid based wheel cleaners unless the wheels are neglected, and I would not use them on the graphite polished wheels on the UL ES350.

I think Mburn was suggesting to just clean them with ONR.

As for the wax, wax won't attract the dust. Its important to have a good coating on there so the brake dusts just rinses off.

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I use Acid on wheels when the dust is baked onto the rims (like BMV, MB etc) it is a huge time saver and never had an issue. And mine get it in the spring and fall and between if needed. But ya, use ONR and 95% of the time the dust will melt off with it (and wax helps)...

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thanks guys. I will try the wax, carnuba.

I have used ACID in past with no issues too, but am trying to stay water based on my new 350.

cheers all

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