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How Do You Clean Transmission Filter?

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I got my new transmission solenoids in today, and tomorrow I am going to install them. The last few days I have been doing the flush and fill daily. Draining it at night and refilling and driving to work the next day. I am seeing a few little gold flakes, kinda looks like gold dust. I am going to pull the pan and clean the filter. What should I use to clean the filter? Also, should i worry about the gold flakes?

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Spray some de-greaser to clean. Also make sure your gasket surfaces are clean and smooth before putting it back on. The tutorial mentions using a blade to separate the pan, you can also use the blade to scrape off the gasket surfaces. How bad are the particles? As you know could mean some wear is taking place.

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Get a new one.

When I went to Lexus to order a new one, the parts guy told me not to order a new one but to clean the old one cause it is just a metal screen and i would be wasting my money.

If you want to mess with cleaning the old one, sure. I don't think they're that expensive though.

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