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What Is The 0-60 Time Of The Is 250 Rwd?

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That's right. About 7.5 seconds.

i think you are right but does anyone know why lexus always puts about +.5 seconds?

the lexus site says 7.9 but numerous tests have supposedly shown 7.4 seconds and i've heard that lexus always puts about .5 more...

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You have to take into consideration a variety of different conditions. Maybe the the grip was better, or they were at a lower altitude, and the weather was cooler, and the driver weighed less, and they had less gas in the car, and they had a car that was broken in better and the motor produced slightly better acceleration, and hp.

I think they do it though as more of an average than an exact number from the factory. Most report/reviews may make several 0-60 runs, and only report the best time as opposed the the average time which I think the factory goes by. That's only a guess though. I don't know how the factory actually arrives at thier numbers. I do know that they are undergoing a new more accurate system for measuring miles per gallon in advertising. So the sticker on the new car is going to reflect much closer to the real MPG's. I think Ford is already using it.

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