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Power Antenna Installation?

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Ditto - the antenna goes up and down, but not on a daily basis?! Sometimes it goes down, sometimes it sticks. Tried wd40, white grease, ky (just kidding)....

The dealership said the plastic dohickey in the mast breaks all the time. The car just went out of warranty and they want $580 to replace (they will end up charging me $700 by the time I leave from my last experience). I took it to Toyota dealership down the block. They said they would do it for $280 (tax already included - out the door). They said the biggest part is the labor.

A friend said the part is $40 or so and he can do it, if we can figure out how to access the antenna. We found out we can get the part for around that price.

We know we have to go from the inside, just not sure where to pull off the interior materials. We install stuff on our newer vehicles all the time, but we have the service manual.

Any help is appreciated.

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