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Finally Got My Car Back - Sorta

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Hi Guys!! :)

I got my '93 LS400 back on Friday. The dealer had it since Monday. Even more things were done to it. [i'll list everything that's been done in a separate message!!] The valves were adjusted. Apparently most of them were 'out of spec' and those that were not - were at 'max'. It took - so they say - 10 hours to do the job. [is that true - do you think?!] Well.. no matter how long it took - I didn't have to pay for labour - so no sweat off my brow. The valve adjustment did cost me $278.08 CDN - however. That was for 2 gaskets, 16 washers and 13 'shims'.

So... is it better? Well... yes. When I rev up the engine - the taptaptap noise is not nearly as obvious. In fact - it's quite nice. [as in quiet] At idle - however - there is a fairly loud taptaptap noise so I'm going to have them take a look at what might be causing THAT. Once THAT is looked at - then I'll be able to say for sure IF the engine sounds just as I WANT it to sound. [in other words - Lexus Quiet]

I also had the fixed CD player re-installed. But - as it turned out - the old one couldn't BE fixed - so I got a different re-manufactured one instead. No charge to me - because I was promised it would be fixed when I bought the car. [on October 14th of this year] Trouble is - when I picked up my car - all ready to put in a new CD - there was no CD magazine. [Grrrr.....] At least the radio works. But still - how annoying is that?! Will have to wait until this coming week to get a 'magazine. [because it's on order]

The 'water in the trunk' problem was also dealt with. [fingers crossed] Unfortunately - the place that 'did' the trunk - locked the keys IN the trunk. The dealer phoned me to ask me if I had another set of keys. I did - and agreed to drop them off at the 'fix the trunk' place. They said that they would have a cab pick up the spare key - but I didn't want to hang around waiting for a cab. While there - I noticed that about 1.5 inches of paint was MISSING on the driver's side rear door window frame. [the part nearest to the front door window frame - the 'B' piller - in other words] Some nitwit PRIED OPEN my car and damaged it in the process. How frustrating. Yes - 'they' are going to fix that - but .... sigh. <_<

An a/c filter is on order. [part #88880-50010 for those who want to know] It's a $121.00 CDN part. No idea how much it will cost to put in. But shouldn't be too much - I hope!! Guess I'll get that done when the door frame is touched-up. [and the new? engine noise is looked into]

I also had new Iridium spark plugs installed [why 'Iridium' - instead of 'Platinum' - I don't know] along with new spark plug wires. The transmission fluid and differential oil were also 'changed'.

Even though I've owned my car since October 14th - I really haven't enjoyed it much. Hopefully the NEXT appointment will be the LAST for awhile. Then I'll buy those Turanza LS-V tires.

Please read the next message to see what has been done to my car since I bought it. [if you like]

Craig!! :)

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Here is a list of ALL of the things I've had done to my 1993 LS400 since I bought it in October. The car only has 83,000 km's [just over 50,000 miles] so I think it's worth spending some money on. [hopefully that will turn out to be true]

But first...

Before I bought the car - the 'old lady' who owned it before me [and traded it in on a new 2004 LS430] brought the car in on September 18th [about a month before I bought it] and had the 'Maintenance Service #3' done. [an oil and filter change - basically] The car also had a new battery installed and new front and rear brake pads. [plus a new brake pad wear indictor 'thing'] The brakes were also 'machined' and 're-surfaced'.

Now to that list of 'things' that I'VE had done to MY car!!

- new emergency brake pedal 'strut' [pedal was not releasing fully]

- new timing belt

- new drive belt

- new water pump

- new water pump/timing belt 'idlers'

- new 'Iridium' spark plugs

- new spark plug wires

- new transmission fluid

- new differential oil

- new radiator coolant

- front and rear sway bar bushings lubricated

- water in trunk problem - fixed [cough]

- CD player 'fixed' and re-installed

- all 32 valves adjusted [with new shims, etc.]

That's it - I think. Waiting for an A/C filter and CD magazine. [and now - I guess - the paint scratch to be touched-up] Car MIGHT also need a new brake master cylinder because the pedal seems 'soft' when stopped. [sometimes sinks too close to the floor - in my opinion] But that's not too frightening since THAT part IS covered by the warrantee I bought when I got the car.

So far - I've spent 2,000 CDN dollars on the car. [that's just over $1500 U.S.] Kinda makes me sick when I think of all the 'fun' I could have had with that money!! [but then you have to worry about diseases and everything!! lol j/k]

Craig!! :)

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Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

All the best to your 'new' toy.

I think that the money was well spent ie. much more expensive if each problem was fixed individually.

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They ought to put the filter in for free since you've had trouble with the trunk / paint, etc.

The only tapping I hear on the 99LS (with 58K) is at idle also. Very smooth and quiet when up to any speed - and this tapping is very little too. Everyone else (non lexus) thing the engine is very quiet at idle anyway.

It does sound like your car is in TOP CONDITION now - that is very low miles :D

Oh yeah, $1500 is pretty good deal - I think! Now you have everything up to date!

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Thanks Denny, vyhanh and 99lsguy!! :D

I have to remind myself that although a Lexus engine was designed to be quiet - and it is - it's STILL an engine. It's not going to sound like it's OFF when it's ON. I think my expectations were [and perhaps - still are] too high. It's like when someone goes on and on about how GREAT a movie is. When YOU finally see it - it's NOT that great!! [if you know what I mean] Not saying that my Lexus isn't great - but perhaps it's not as 'perfect' as I thought it would [or should] be.

Soon - I hope - I'll be able to just enjoy my 'new' car without having some string on my finger reminding me of yet another 'appointment'.

Just so you know... I might be ordering the Bridgestone Turanza LS-V tires on Monday. Might as well get that over with. I hope it makes a big difference. [oh no - there's those 'expectations' of mine - again]

Craig!! :)

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Haha, much did you pay for this car that you expect to be perfect? And it's what...10-11 years old?

Yeah, I think your expectations are too high. Now, perhaps if you just laid down $60k+ for a new one......


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