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Leaky Fuel Bar


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This forum has helped me so many times that I don't know what I would do without it! I have been searching around and am not able to find the answer so I hope someone can give me some advice...

I had to replace my starter which as most of you know is not an easy or quick job. Well, after putting everything back I noticed that my fuel bar is leaking. What can I do here? I heard somewhere that it can be remounted with some sort of product in a tube to stop the leak. I know silicone can't be used b/c obviously the gasoline eats at it. Can anyone HELP??

Thank you!!

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Did you use new gaskets on the fuel pipe union joints? The manual states the gaskets are not reuseable, however I have not had to do this job (thankfully, it looks involved) so I don't know what the gaskets are made off. Some crushable ones will leak when reused even when you have done the connection up tight.

I don't think a gunk fix is a good idea other than for a temporary "get it home" scenario. I hope you get to the cause soon.

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