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2nd Question For Lady In Need


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Ok, I finally fixed that bothersome alarm! Dont need horns if it doesnt run anyway! :) I have got the doors to quit self locking. Apparently that is because of having the battery disconnected. However, the key in the door will only go in part way and will not turn in any of the doors. The key will go in the ignition and cause the steering wheel to move, but it will not turn either. Key only goes part way in the trunk/gas lock and will not turn. At bare minimum, if this is the valet key, shouldnt it at least let me turn the door lock? They want 200 for a new key. Starting to look like the only alternative.



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One lock bad, possibly the lock. Two locks bad, possibly a dirty key... All locks bad = wrong key, period.

Edit: Sorry split1atom, I just saw your other thread, didn't realize you were having so much trouble....

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Gives you a starting point after disconnect from the battery. Was told to me by a Lex Mechanic about my 02 and it supposedly reset the alarm after they did away with codes. Caused alot of chaos but worked for me when my Golf Clubs were locked in the trunk and I had a new battery installed at the club with 20 minutes left before my tee time. Made my tee time... :)

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