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93 Es 300 Need Help

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i bought a 93 lexus es 300 about a year ago got it kinda cheap it needed work i did most of it, running great then one morning it wouldn't go in reverse still drove perfect, friend said maybe a fuse or relay? another friend said a silanoid. so i droped the pan cleaned the filter and pan put it back filled with clean fluid still nothing. another friend said take it to ammoco to do a diagostic's on it and get the codes,they don't screw you around. well i did they said no codes and basiclly told me what i already knew.

they were real pushy for me to have them rebuild the tranny like i was at a used car lot demanded their $90.00 (i thought it was a free test) i got screwed.

took it on the freeway not going into overdrive rpm's are at 6000 and when i let go of the gas the rpm's drop and when i increase the gas it does'nt kick until reached 6000 rpms and when slow car starts getting hot does anyone know the next step, do i need a new trans or is there something easier or not very expenive this thing is like the money pit if nothing just going to sell it but i love the dam car please help thanks

it has 177,000 miles

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