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Need Help On Interior Detailing/upkeeping

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I have done very basic cleaning both exterior and interior for my vehicles in the past, but now we added our very first Lexus vehicle.

With the price we paid for this vehicle, I want to make sure I learn how to clean this car "better" than my basic cleaning in the past.

My question here is for the interior. What solutions do the collective/pros use for cleaning the following items:

1. plastic modings around entertainment/Nav system

2. Nav touch screen

3. plastic(or rubber?) insulation around the doors

4. windows

Thank you for all your help.

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"plastic modings around entertainment/Nav system"

-I'm assuming you're talking about the silver plastic? Just use a damp cloth rag, or if it's just dusty, use a microfiber cloth to remove the dust. Don't use products you'd find in a store for "plastic" etc, for all they'll do is make the silver wear away and become too shiny. If you're talking about the upper dash area, you can also use a damp rag, for these new dash's don't need to be "conditioned" as the old ones used to be. Products like armoral etc will only make the dash shiny and looking aged.

"Nav touch screen"

-go to staples etc and look for LCD wipes. Gently wipe these over the screen and dry with a microfiber towel.

"plastic(or rubber?) insulation around the doors"

-i actually use tire shine for the rubber, and it seems to work fine and stay moist.


-DO NOT USE WINDEX. i have found that all windex does is create more streaks and make matters worse. Just use a damp rag and dry with a clean rag (not a microfiber towel for it will leave thread pieces behind on the glass that are hard to remove).

What you should really be concerned about is the leather. That's the part that constantly gets rubbed and can fade and become cracked over time if not taken care of properly. For leather, use a product called "Lexol leather conditioner", it comes in a brown spray bottle. i apply once a month, although other's say once a year for it can age the stitching... Just don't let it "soak" for hours and it'll be fine. I usually apply it using a rag lightly soaked with the lexol. This conditioner is not greasy or slippery like most. It's by far one of the best!

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Pho Tai, use the link below to the post that I started on detailing. On page 5 detaildoc outlines detailing inside and he is really good at this stuff. I am a novice that is why I started the post. It is up to 12 pages though but on page 5 is the inside detailing information. You may want to peruse all of the pages to see pics and get other detailing information. Good luck!!!

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