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Amsoil Eea Air Filter


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Okay first things first, yes I searched. I couldn't necessarily find what I needed to know.

I'm looking for a high flow paper filter, due to the oil of a K&N possibly messing up my MAF. I know a lot of people have had no problem with K&N's, and neither have I in the past, but I don't even want to take that chance anymore. Plus I want to try one of these paper filters I wouldn't have to "RE-OIL" every once in a while.

I found an old old post (circa 2006) where "SKPerformance" says he has an Amsoil EeA filter i believe??

I checked out Amsoils website, put in my info for 1997 Lexus LS400 with the 1UZFE, and it didn't show any EeA filters for it. Did they discontinue this product for the LS?? Is this a fluke? Can I still find one to purchase??

Are there any other good high-flow paper filters on the market? I've heard of AirHog but am iffy to but a FRAM product..I know it may not really be a BAD product but I just want the BEST product, and I've heard more positive results of Amsoil EeA's...

I greatly appreciate any and all advice & info. Thanks to everyone in advance!!!


I know I already posted this in the LS forum but I figured I'd get more responses for this topic here rather than there. If a mod wants to close it in the LS forum that would be just perfect! :D

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