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Source For Oem Part #s?


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The closest Lex dealer is an hour away. So I thought I'd try and get me some Toyota parts cheap from the local Toy dealer that's just 10 min away. But everytime I call to get something as simple as an oil filter, parts guy says "what's the Lexus part number for that?" And of course the Lexus dealer's do not want to give out part#s because they know the game as well. Is there an easy online reference site for sourcing Lexus part #s? Mine is an 01 LS430. Thanks.

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I have two suggestions for you.

First, you can e-mail (see their website) and tell them the part you need. They will reply, giving their price and the Lexus part number.

A second source I have used is This is the website for Park Place Lexus in Texas. They have catalogs for Lexus parts available on-line. Unfortunately, these catalogs do not give the part numbers. When I have searched for parts and could not find them on the catalog site, I have called their parts people at their toll-free number and asked for the part number. They have always been very helpful in giving out this information. There are some parts that you can only order by entering the part number on their on-line order form. Just tell them you are on their website and cannot locate a part.

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