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Dynamic Laser Cruise Control + Gearbox (ls430 2001 Vs. 2004)

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Hi everybody!

Is there any difference between the Cruise Control that equipped the 2001 and the 2004 LS430 versions?

I read a lot of reviews but I can't understand if they are the same system or not...

I thought the 2001 hadn't the "Pace car" feature, limiting its usage just to the "Slowdown if you are getting too close to the next vehicle", but in some 2001 review they are describing both the modes.

In some 2004 they are refering also to some Cruise Control updates...

While talking about 01 and 04 comparison, I have also a question on the gearbox: how is the 2001's in terms of smoothess compared to the 2004? Is the 2004 6-gears also providing a better consumption? Is anybody ever using the sequential mode?

Thanks and regards,


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Alessandro -

Welcome to the forum!

I have the '01 with the 'dynamic' or laser controlled cruise. When activated, it does 'sense' the car in front of you and will slow your car down in order to not hit the person in front of you if they are going slower than you are. If that car speeds up, or changes lanes so they are no longer in front of you, the cruise control will then speed back up to the speed that you set it at. (When this happens, the vehicle actually accelerates very slowly, but if you step on the gas, you can get back up to the set speed quicker).

The cruise control can also be set in 'normal' mode & will act as a typical cruise control & maintain a set speed without regard for cars in front of you.

As for the transmission, I know that the 5 speed in the '01 is very smooth. I haven't driven the '04, but I would assume that the extra gear would allow slightly better fuel economy.

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