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Hvac...recirc Always On '02 Es

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I have noticed that whenever I start the vehicle the HVAC automatically defaults to recirculate mode even if it was turned off before shutting that car off. How can I change this?

Thanks, Ryan

You probably cannot. Later models (03-04..??) have a c-best option that the dealer can set to prevent this.

The idea is to more quickly cool down the cabin on a hot summer day after setting in the sun all closed up.

Utterly STUPID....!!

What it really should do is leave it in FRESH for the first ~few minutes with the blower on HIGH in order to more, MOST QUICKLY PURGE the hot interior atmosphere (typically HOTTER than the oputside) and then revert to recirculate.


For the best FE and quite satisfactory cooling I have added a manual shutoff valve in the engine coolant line to the heater core within the HVAC system so there is no, CANNOT BE, a REHEAT/REMIX cycle within the HVAC. My '01 AWD RX300 had a c-best option wherein I can turn the A/C function OFF indefinitely throughout the winter months and thus improve FE during our COLD/cool periods (and prevent instances of sudden unexpected windshield fogging). The '01 911/996 C4 there to your left has a toggle switch within the glove box that I use to disable the A/C compressor clutch in wintertime.

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