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Steering Erratic


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Situation to analyze for anyone with steering system knowledge.

Steering seems fine at low speeds, maybe a tad harder than necessary.

Steering somewhat difficult at higher speeds.

Making a tighter turn at higher speeds gives a pulsing jerking motion (not cool)

Car has done it since I got it in 2003

I have recently began to dig around on the car more so....

New power steering pump last month.

Have cleaned the solenoid valve in the past year, not much better but the pulse-jerk was less pronounced.

Would a new solenoid valve cure this issue ? I may try to clean it again but I wanted to ask before I get the vise grips out. (Ohms were good last time, but valve screen very dirty)

Any advice on the type of cleaner to use for best results?

Is there any way the Steering ECU is the culprit here?

I would test it if I could get confirmation on the location.

Any help appreciated

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Answering myself again.

I never found the Steering ECU , Supposed to be under the dash on the drivers side, lots of good things there but no Steering ECU at least for My SC400.

While I have been messing around looking for a few days, my Steering solenoid valve (screen portion) was soaking in some sea foam. Also I ended up replaced the Oring that is on the end of this soleniod valve. Either one of these may have helped enough to bring me back to easier jerk free steering.

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