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Noise From Right Rear Wheel


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Hello All,

I have a 1995 LS 400 with 170,000 miles. Two days ago after driving about 25 minutes at highway speed I turned right into a parking lot and heard a metal on metal grinding sound from my right rear wheel. It sounded as though a piece of metal was in contact with the brake rotor. Once thru the turn the sound stopped.

Over the last two days the sound occurs on a right hand turn even after a minute or two of driving. My first guess was a wheel bearing, but the sound is more of a rotational metal on disc than a constant growel during the right hand turn. I was going to change rear disc pads and hardware and rotor to try and eliminate brakes being the problem, but I thought I would ask here for help as well. Any ideas of what this might be? Thanks.


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First thing I'd do is hit that wheel with some high pressure water, like in those car wash bays where you was the car with the water gun. You might just have picked up a rock or something and it's stuck between the rotor and backing plate. If not, then I'd suspect a sticking caliper has your pads riding against the rotor, probably has been that way for a while, and has worn down one of your pads to the point where the medal aspects are hitting the rotor with the bending of the car during the turn. I'd snoop around back there before you buy anything....

Have you tried put the car in reverse and doing a few right circles while you're applying the brakes? Might dislodge whatever is stuck in there, if indeed something is stuck?

How does your e-brake feel? Might have a rock stuck inside the rotor crown where the ebrake pads are, and it's dragging as well?

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NC is right on all those points. I had a similar noise but a lot softer. With the help of the board I was able to adjust the emergency brake back to a more neutral position by doing a few 25 mph backward HARD stops. Fun! At the end the noise was almost gone and I am going to spray the e-brake area with break free and then brake cleaner to see if I can adjust them down to get all the noise to go away. Give the backwards hard stop a try and see if it sounds different

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