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Stereo Upgrades

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Personally, I like the idea of a "factory" replacement idea in the SC. It has a Free air sub there now. There are some really well built aftermarket free-air subs that sound really good with some power. I would suggest going that route, I know I will be doing that when the time comes. I'm not really into the whole giant fiberglass crap built into the trunk or hatch. And just laying a box in there wouldn't look the greatest. It's a Lexus, I think a smart install is the way to go. The car caries a lot of class, the work done to it should also. Of course this is completely my opinion, and everyone is going to differ on this.

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Probably the more common choice is the JL IB4, but infinite baffle setups IMO have some inherent weaknesses, and it won't handle a ton of power. Also, the IB4 is 8-ohm so you should consider how much power you will realistically be producing for it, not that I would bridge any good size amp into a free air anyway, you just can't control cone excursion. The JL and it's definitely better than the oe subs in the standard and premium systems, but may not be enough for some. Pioneer also has a free air that ppl have used, there's one or two more but I don't know anyone who's tried them in the SC, you have to also be mindfull of clearance between the bottom of the magnet structure and the top of the fuel tank in the coupe, but something like the JL will still leave you with 20+ mm of room, more than enough.

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I went all out and Mounted a full size speaker in there.

Of course the magnet wouldn't clear so I raised the whole assembly about an inch.

Now my 3rd nrakelight stick out a bit (not too noticeable).

Only problem is that when the speaker hits hard, it hits the brakelight assembly and there's a lot of virtaion.

Plus i am a BASS fiends and this is just not enough.

I'll be taking out the 10 (Sony Xplod polygon) and buying another one for a 2 10"s bandpass box.

Only problem i'm not looking forward to is securing the box in the trunk.

I do some pretty agressive driving and i can't risk the box moving and ripping up my wires, etc...

I'll keep you guys updated.

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