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Taking Out 1994 Ls400 Radio


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ya i didnt know i was such an *BLEEP* for asking for some help about taking my radio out? god save me im going to hell now, ill never ask for help again sir im so sorry

but does anyone who doesnt have a giant stick up there !Removed! have any info, im not trying to *BLEEP* up my car, im trying to install a new radio.

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OK, I'll help you. Your Yankees just beat my Sox, so I was a little down. Removing the radio will not cause your Lexus to not operate. Basically, if your radio has a security code that was inputted by the owner, not the dealer, and you disconnect and remove the radio, you have to know the inputted code to get it to work later. You have 10 chances to input the correct code-otherwise the radio goes dead. No luck?- you have to go to a Lexus dealer, and they can "flash" the radio, and correct the dead radio. Costs $100-200. But it helps if you actually own the Lexus, they like to see the title.

There's one other secret. But the Yankees stuck it to my Sox-and you. Best of luck.

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