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Lexus Warranty Procedures

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I am a student at Ferris State University, getting an automotive management degree, and i am current doing a project on Lexus Warranty Procedures. I am trying to get an example repair order, or warranty claim for my project. I just need the form, all of the personal information can be blacked out, i just need an example. If someone would be able to email me it that would be great.



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I can't scan anything for you because I don't own a Lexus, but here's a few details about what there are:

Things required for invoicing:

OPCODE, T1, T2, 'CCR' (concern/cause/remedy), OFP

OPCODE (Operation Code): tells you what part of the car that was defective, (eg. 8611A1 - opcode for SSC 8LA, 7509L1 - opcode for SSC 7LC, 473011A - opcode for rotors)

T1 (trouble code #1) - 2-digit code customer complaint (eg. "Guest states car would not start" T1=72 "Ineffective ON/OFF")

T2 (trouble code #2) - 2-digit code for what actually went wrong (by the tech/eg. "Open circuit in battery" T2=71 "Open circuit/Faulty semiconductor")

T3 (trouble code #3) - required for Paint claims

Claim Type: RG (regular), SC (service campaign), MT (maintenance - 1K, 5K, or LPS)

CCR (cause/correction/remedy) - shows on an invoice

Concern -- Guest states vehicle won't start

Cause -- Open Circuit in battery

Remedy -- Replaced battery

OFP (Original Failed Part number) - what failed on the car. (eg. in this case, the battery's failed part number would be 28800-50080).

Different dealers have different processes.

Some dealers have "bookers" aka the invoicing clerk. Sometimes they are responsible for handling/typing out EVERYTHING and looking up EVERYTHING per the Flat Rate Manual (available to Lexus dealerships). For example a tech would make his notes on the repair order (RO) and the "booker" would do everything: look up the opcode, T1/T2, translate from the tech's cause/remedy and put it to words that are standardized (aka "open circuit", etc.)

The tech is responsible for flagging time in & time out and it has to coincide with the time that they flagged, which I'm sure you know about that.

In other dealerships, the technician looks up the op code, T1, and T2 write all the necessary information on the RO and turn it in to be flagged. The service consultant is responsible for bringing that information from the back of the RO to the front verbatim. The invoicing clerk in this case types it up verbatim and it gets to the warranty administrators a day later to be processed to Lexus.


Lexus Warranty Administrator (Dealer level)

The Warranty Administrators at the Lexus dealerships, I personally think, have the most stressful jobs. They have to sift through several invoices and submit each claim individually. They first check for common errors: mileage discrepancies, typos, required signatures, vital information, verbiage, etc.

Then they "final-bill" the RO - aka bring it to the CPS (Claims Processing System) to submit to Lexus [that's technology set up by the IT dept.]

Once a RO is final-billed, it will show up in CPS. CPS is accessed through "Dealer Daily" a website only accessible inside a dealership that links to various sites: Lexus Financial Services, Claims Processing System, National History Lookup, Customer Satisfaction Survey Index, etc.

They look up the RO# (Repair order # that is exclusive to the Dealership) and it'll bring up the claim with a claim number (general 6-digit number that Lexus can access if you need assistance with processing). Again, this screen looks like a regular invoicing screen and you can make changes as necessary (correct verbiage, opcode, flag times, T-codes, etc.). Some claims will pay automatically, and some claims will go into something called "Pending Judgement" which a Lexus Corp. Warranty Admin will manually review the claim. Examples of claims that'll pay automatically are the 1Ks, 5Ks, some TSIBs, and some regular claims. That's pre-determined by the CPS system...

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