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New Disc Brakes Help! 93`gs 300

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Just got slotted and drilled rotors. Installed all 4 after work this weekend. Now i have a vibration coming from the front. Do you think it is air in the system.

It does not pull when braked and it only happens on braking around 40 -30 mph. Any ideas or suggestion to what it might be?

PS. i had to already test them for real when a BMW ran a stop sign, I slammed the brakes which worked better then i expected and saved my front end. the best thing was my 3 yr old boy saying sweet Brakes daddy after that !Removed! in the beemr about killed my ride. It was right on Q and too classic, kids are great.

I will post some pics of the new brakes. I also painted the Calipers.

Does any one know where to get small lexus stickers that i can put on the calipers, i have not looked but i dont think i could find them if i did. any ideas?

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i have the same brake issue. did you resolve yours and what was the problem?


No i am still dealing with it, i need to get them turned to see if it is a real break nighmare but i only think that it is a warped rotor.

When you changed out your old brakes did you blead the system on each wheel you worked on?

With rational thinking there can be only 2 options for this vibration

1. Lack of pressure due to air in the brakelines

2. Warped rotor

I dont have enough cash to get mine rotors turned right know so i am waiting a little while longer.

If you figure it out please post what you did to make it better.


PS i tried to post pictures but the web site would not allow it. I have a photo of the new drilled and slotted rotors in the gallery.

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