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92 Es300 Overheating Help


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Everything seems to be in working order. The coolant is full, the fan works, the thermostat, and water pump are good. The car never over heats (the temp stays in the middle of the gauge) except when I climb this one big hill (actually it's a mountain) and when I'm getting towards the top the gauge goes into the red. I'll pull over and look under the hood. No steam no fluid spilling out, it's just a little hot. Going up the hill the car cannot keep up with the other I'm wondering if I should take it out of O/D, but would that make it heat up faster? I turned off the a/c and still same thing. I read in the owners manual that the car may overheat going up long steep hills, but I can't be pulling over everytime I go over this hill. What's up?


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