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Electrical Auto Trans Issue


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this morning my sc300 just went dumb. in drive its 3rd gear. wont shift through.

ok. i can manuel shift though first (hits rev limit at 3500-4000 rpm) then second (hits rev lmt) then 3rd which is drive.


if im in drive going down the road... it wont down shift. peddle to the floor.

i disconected the battery for an hour or so and it was fine. for one drive. then next drive same thing.

so iwas thinking auto comp or ecu or something.

any advise appreciated.

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i FINALLY diagnosed the problem to be the defaulty solenoids

then setting off the limp mode with the ecu/ect

BUT even at my shop price it is was around 400 for no1 & no2 solenoids

so i got a used ,warrentied trans for 327 bones!

not bad.

funny how it works out

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