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Best Internet Sites For Lexus Stuff


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LEts use this thread for all to put in great websites for lexus parts or stuff to enhance our care, maint. or other wants for our automobiles!

I found ebay for 1$ ipod retractible connectors from ACCstation (direct buy), for IPOD connections (1$ and 2.96 shiiping charge)

Guys introduced me to autopia car care for products and detailing how to.

So I wanted to start a thread for everyone to add-in their sites and describe what is there and if needed why it is useful.

In another thread I thought someone posted a site to buy Lexus parts (not from lexus) that were cheaper. I need to buy Winter rubber mats, want the official black lexus ones. any sites? see this one

cheers all

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You have Sewell Lexus at

they offer a handy parts breakdown diagram for our cars. is also a great site if you're looking for OEM brake pads/filters ect.

You also have Carson Toyota which caters to people looking to start some tuning. there may be a dash somewhere in that URL but i'm not sure.

Of course you also have but I've never purchased anything from them so I can't say much about them.

Thats all I can think of off the top of my head.

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