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Lexus Dealer Diagnostic


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I have a 2001 IS300 with 48K miles. I have to take it for diagnostics since I have lots of lights ON in the dash.

1. Rear 'brake light out' indicator is ON. One of the bulbs was out and I replaced the bulb but the light is still on. I noticed that if in the morning, I start the car and don't depress the brake pedal at all before or during the start, the brake light is OFF but as soon as i depress the brake, it comes on and stays ON. What could it be?

2. Recently, the ABS, Brake and traction lights came ON. I checked the brake and transmission fluid and they are full. Only thing I see is the transmission fluid is a little dirty but that should be normal.

My question is,

A. If I take the car to the dealer, is it still under warrenty since the mileage is 48K?

B. Will they check / diagnose the car for free or for a charge. Is there anyone who has done the diagnostic from the dealer and know how much it will cost?

Thanks for reading and please share your thoughts

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no on the warrentee, it's a 4 years, OR 50K miles, which ever comes first. And your just outside the 4 years.

You can go to Autozone and have them do a free diagnostic ODBII scan. They will tell you what the codes are. Dealer usually charges between 75 and 100 bucks for the diagnostic, but some wave that if you have them do the work.

Are you sure all the brake lights are working? Have you had someone else get in and press the brake pedal and inspect all the brake lights to make sure they are working right? Do you have the window third light, or the spoiler third light? Maybe the wiring is frayed and shorting in the trunk lid?

As for the VSC lights coming on, that could be a cel from an 02 sensor. If you get it scanned, and get the code, post what the code is here and I can tell you what the problem is. Atleast then you'll have an idea of cost, and may be able to just get the issue fixed.

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Did you use a factory bulb?I know it sounds crazy but I was a parts manager at a Lexus dealership for 7 years and we had some aftermarket bulbs in cars that people got from other places that looked identical to the factory bulb and would light up but would not shut off the light on the dash.We put a factory bulb in and the light went off.I guess the aftermarket bulbs were off just a little bit.

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