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Time To Change The Oil On The Gs4

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From all the parts listings almost every toyota/lexus i have seen use the exact same filter .So you can get them at a toyota dealer.I only use oem filters everytime,i also buyu them in bulk to save some time and cash.

I think most owners have synthetic and love it ,as i do also.

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I've used both AMSOIL filter and specifically 0W30 series 2000 racing oil gives you more HP better MPG and saves money and time if you extend the change interval up to 12500 miles on the oil filter and 35000 miles on the oil. The company warranties it. It really works I've been doing that routine for almost 24 years on all my cars. I took an engine appart after 98000 miles with only 4 oil changes and all the parts measured to close to new specs no wear what so ever. So if that's not enough to convince you nothing will. Mobil 1 is fine but the base product is petroleum wear as Amsoil is not. They were the first to come out with it and are the industry leader in R/D with new and better products coming out all the time, just go to their web site and see it for yourself.

Seeing is believing and what convinced me was using it.

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