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Es300 '99 Overheating


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Two days ago, I had antifreeze put in my car. Yesterday, I noticed a little smoke from the hood while at a light. I pulled over and opened the hood to see a dripping from the cap where the antifreeze could be put in. Not the coolant tank, but that other area that should not be opened while the car is hot. I just figured it was too much poured in and the excess was dripping out. The car was not running hot at that time. My car overheated while driving about 3 AM this morning and then came to a slow coas, then shut off. I had to have it towed home. Today, I opened my hood and saw that the hose had came off the radiator and antifreeze was all over the place. I put the hose back on and added antifreeze. The hose looks a little burned. I tried to start the car today. It cranked like it wanted to start the first 2 times, then it didn't turn over any more. Just 1 quick crank and nothing. Is it possible I did something to the engine since I drove it while it was overheating? The car has a new trans, new alternator, new battery, I hate to think I need another engine. This is my 2nd Lexus and it seems like it is the same pattern. First trans overheating....then new engine! Help :(

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I also have a '99 ES300. And coincidently I'm having trans problems (at 73k miles).

First things first, if that hose looks burnt or damaged I'd go ahead and replace it - they're not very expensive. Put hose clamps on both sides to make sure it doesn't happen again.

How's the coolant looking? Dirty?

Get that hose replaced and the coolant topped off, then charge up the battery and start it. The fact that it tried to crank... then got weaker... then cranked once... then nothing, sounds to me like the battery just died. So charge it up and try again with the hose and coolant installed.

Is your Check Engine light on? Have you tried a diagnostic tool to scan for error codes? Most auto parts stores (Schucks, PartsAmerica, etc...) will do this free if you can get it there.

Let us know how it goes.


Pete Zaria.

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When you say you had antifreeze put in the you mean you had it 'topped up' or did you get a coolant flush? If the ladder, where did you have this done? What is the mileage on the car?

Sounds like the rad hose needs to be replaced at least.......and if there is no major damage, I'd have the thermostat replaced as well.


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It's been awhile since I have been on. I had to get a new enginge. After I got the new engine, I was having trans problems again. Come to find out after fighting with 2 different places, the people who replaced my engine did not put all of the bolts back in. The engine shifted and moved the trans around. The trans was almost coming out the bottom of my car! After fighting with the trans and the engine place, it was all taken care of. The car is fine with 155,000 miles on it. My check engine and trac lights are on. Last I checked, it was the air flow meter. I replaced this maybe 4 years ago through the lexus dealer. I will now go on ebay and order the part and have my mechanic do it. I love the car and don't want to get rid of itl I think it's time for somenthing else!

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