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Looking To Buy A Sc300

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Hows everyone doing? Well I've been wanting a sc300 for so many years now, (and I'm only 19 lol). Since I'm about to get a second job, I need something with a bit more DD ability, also that can be built up when things are going good financial wise.

Right now I drive a 87 5.0 as my daily (230miles to the tank) and a built 93MR2Turbo as my weekend warrior (100miles to the tank). Anyway here are the questions I have:

1. How is the sc300 on gas? Can I go a few days with out having to stop at a gas station? I drive 80+ miles a day so its a must.

2. What are the major problems that come along with the car.

3. When I go to look at one what should I be on the look out for? Rust, etc.

4. Are there any freemods that I can do once I get the car?

5. After a while I plan on doing a 2jz JDM swap. How big of a hassle is it?

Well any help at all is appreciated.



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welcome to the forum, BUT u do know u posted this is the gs series section of the forums? u might see if one of the moderators will move this over to the sc section as you'll probably get more help there, not saying no1 will help u over here but your more prone to better incite there


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