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Ecu Ecm Pcm?


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I've been having a few problems. Couldn't figure out how to link to my other topic but I really need to know the answer to this before I let the mechanic do anything else.

So I called the mechanic yesterday afternoon, he tells me that it's the powertrain control module, and that the only place he's been able to locate it is at the dealership for $1300. :censored: Is'nt that the same thing as the ECU or ECM that's located behind the glove box? :unsure:

He said he's trying to get a cheaper one somewhere else.

If that's true and if I get a rebuilt one myself, will it need to be re-programmed for my car?

I was told that it should already be reprogrammed if it's been rebuilt? I found one at a place out of state that's rebuilt and supposedly already been reprogrammed. Why would that not work and why could I not put it in myself?

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