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Suspension Questions


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Okay, I'll admit; I don't know alot about suspension, so I need some help here. I'm interested in lowering my car with the Eibach ProKit lowering spring kit, but I'm not sure what all this should include. What I mean is that will I have to also replace the stock struts/shocks (what's the diff. in those two anyway?) and if so, should I look for ones specifically designed for lowering springs? Seems to me that if you lower the car, then you'd need shocks that are designed to handle the new springs better. Is there any particular combination that anyone has found most desireable? Also, I wanna buy a strut bar for the front (I'd like to do the back too, but I don't think I've ever seen one for the back, plus it'd have to run behind the seats which I'm not sure that you could even do the way this car's designed). Lastly, I also wanna get stiffer swaybars; I looked into Whiteline and they don't have a specific listing for the ES300, Windom, or VCV10. They do however have a listing for the VDV10 (Camry); will these parts work on the ES? Has anyone had any experience with this company? They seem a little smaller than the others such as Eibach and KYB. Any help is appreciated! B)

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I think i did mention the whiteline and the suspension possibilities.

But basically what do you want comfort ,look or performance?

If you want comfort then stick with the stock shocks with eibach pro kit springs ,they have a marginal difference and little drop.

looks then you would need to change the springs and shocks for reduced travel.

Performance then tokicko shocks are harsh but more performace oriented then you can pick and choose your springs to a desired height.

Sway bars are a waste if you don't have added traction from a rim and tire setup to handle the added traction or else you will slide off the road when wet in a turn.

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I've had a few setups before. on a few previous cars.

KYB AGX shocks are amazing..you can adjust front ones 4 ways and rear ones 8 ways.

so you can go from comfy to rock stiff.

now..springs...you have to decide on the spring. how low you wanna go? and what kind of comfort do you want? one end is extreme autocross sporty set...the other end is really really comfy set.

as far as front/rear strut bars...they don't help much. i honestly couldn't tell a difference on a lexus. (most 4 cylinder cars have weak body/frame and they tend to turn..but on V6 and up..you really don't need one) i am sure it does help..but not as much. one on ebay is 7.95+ shipping (expensive or cheap..they do basically same thing...as proven by stealin & cheap ebay ones from my previous cars)

If you want to have a good handling car? then get rear sway bars.. that will give you really good and stiff suspension.

get a wide tires with low profile. something like 225/40/16 (practical and reletively cheap tires) or 245/40-45/18 (i don't even know if this will fit)

My old car..300zx.. i've had front strut, rear sway, kyb agx, eibach, 245 tires. it gripped the road like a devil.

Oh..when you are getting shocks/springs...you will probably have to replace worned out suspension rubber parts...and they are very costly. I remember..on 300zx, when you replace all rubber parts on the shock/spring assembly..it cost around 140 bucks a piece AND YOU HAVE 4 OF THEM.

of course, you don't have to change them all. I would just change dust boots (generic ones available at pepboys for 4.99)

ask me any questions you come across.

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Sway bars do not give you a stiff suspension ,they elimate roll.

There are no adjustable shocks from kyb in this application.

245 tires will not fit.

The bar helps tremndously on the mcv 10 chasiss especially.

The 90-96 300zx is know to have extremly bad suspension that wears out the bushings easily.

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Okay, I want good looks (not slammed but noticeably lowered; like I said, about 1", 1.5 at the most) and I want the body roll reduced, but I don't have enough money for new tires and rims, plus I just now replaced the tires, so...Also, I want the ride to be about like it is now; maybe somewhat stiffer, but not rock-hard. Mostly just want to reduce bodyroll and dive. I DON'T want it to ride harsh. SO, with all those in mind, does anyone know of the right product(s) for me? I'd also like some pics of a car on the Eibach drop springs.

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NO problem latoilette , 245 would rub no matter the offset either inside or outside. The front it would fit but the rears would have trouble and tehy can't be rolled as there is not enough lip on the rear quater to move out befor the fold in the sheet metal for the door jam.

You can cut or grind the inside of the fender lining out to make it possible but then you have to play with offsets to get it right.

The eibach and stock shocks are your best bet for a firmer drive without any harshness.

It is useless to look at a pic as they are 1 inch for the drop and they show nothing in difference except in the back.The fronts always look the same in height.

Depending on how old the shocks you have you might want to get new oem ones when changint the springs.

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I've been looking to do the same with my 97', and I wonder if there is anyone actually running the Tokico struts? I just want a little firmer ride, with pretty much same ride height. (I don't want to do wheels, or tires yet either)

It seems like the KYB is sold everywhere, but finding a dealer for Tokico is a pain... So far the closest dealer for me is Arizona, and Nevada. Interestingly, the KYB isn't much cheaper, as the Tokico strut is about $143 each. I also had a hard time with Whiteline- The website was hard to understand? I couldn't find any parts, and even after e-mailing them, they provided no part numbers or specific parts available. <_<

From what you guys are saying, Eibach has springs available? And as far as strut braces go, I did find some info on 97's. With some help here, it sounds like the 99 Solara Stock (Suspension Support Brace part #53681-33010) as Toyota calls it will fit. I had to call several times, as the tech's couldn't find anything in the computer called a strut brace? The only other thing that may help is some poly bushings, if they make them? :huh:

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