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Wow........what A Suprise!

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So who in their wildest dreams would have thought someone in little old Port Angeles, WA would have the class and style to buy a pearl white IS-F????? NOT ME!!! hahah

I thought I'd never get to see one of these in person anytime soon, but low and behold here is the most beautiful Lexus I have laid my eyes upon! (other than mine of course! :D ) hahaha

:cheers: :cheers: :cheers:





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I have seen the IS-F in person but never in white, it looks very good in that color. I like white cars. Our LS and Camry are both white. :)

I looked at many different cars, including the ISs, when the Taste of Lexus event came to Kansas City in November. The 350 is a very high performance car and the 250 does not seem to be too far behind. I can't imagine the IS could get much quicker than the 350, but I guess they have with the IS-F. Ride is way too stiff for my tastes though. I think I will always stick with the LS.

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