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Need Advice Re: Changing Wheels On 2006 Sc


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I expect to take delivery of my '06 SC430 in about two weeks. It's a private purchase. The SC has 8800 miles. Take a moment, please, and give me your thoughts on the following:

The vehicle has the summer run flats that are hardly worn but I want to swap the stock wheels for the Lexus 18" Tourmaline Aloy Wheels. Will the same run flats fit on the Alloy wheels?

Next, I'm looking for the remote roof opener/starter from Luxlink. Do you have any experience with it? How about getting it installed on the East Coast (Atlanta)?

I plan to pruchase the Platinum Warranty from the local Lexus dealership for 7 year 100k coverage. Any thoughts about it?

Lastly, I'm looking for any tips or advice about ownership: care of the leather/update for Nav/Blue Tooth to my Blackberry, etc...

Thanks much; In time, I hope to contribute to our forum.

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I have the original Luxlink and tbh it is a bit buggy, does the ocassional strange thing and every now and then dont work at all. Ive learnt to live with it so im ok, if I lived in the states I would probs get the latest one but its alot of hassle importing, taxes, and then refitting it again etc.

Ive heard the new one is much more stable and has the additional feature of controlling the back windows. Anyway im sure you will be very happy with the latest one, its a very cool mod :)

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