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Lexus LS 400 2000 Limited Edition

Wow a problem creeping up! It began last week when I cranked the key a click and nothing! Release try again, this time engine engaged and turned over but did not start like it always has (started to worry!) let go of the key after five seconds... I am inside my garage had the window open smelled strong gas fumes... Flooded??? I pushed the pedal to the metal and held whilst I cranked the engine; finally it started went to work.

Next day same thing (shock starts to set in) but it finally started after a few dead cranks with only a click, the dashboard lights go on however there is no engagement...then the engine caught on, I went to work.

That afternoon as I was going home went to start the engine and the same $%#@* thing!!! Man; it used to start instantly now there is this small delay and it seems to be getting worse. Strong smell of gas when it fails to start, I supposed the fuel injectors are filling the cylinders with gas but there is no start as whatever is causing this problem is delaying the spark.

I know I have to go to the Service shop, so the question is: What is the most likely diagnosis that I can suggest to the service department so that I don't get taken out to the cleaners...

Thank you Gentlemen

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Sounds like starter contacts. If the dealer/independant is good, they'll simply replace the contacts, if not so good they'll install a new starter at huge cost. A good substitute is to have an automotive electrical shop rebuild the starter you have now - no exchanges - and re-install it.

Runs about four hours I think, flat rate, to re and re the starter, and a few gaskets will have to be replaced, as it hides under the intake manifold.

Common problem. Fix it and be happy.

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Follow up: So far so good, Have not had any more "Incidents" with starting the car... one turn of the key and she stars right up! love this car it self fixes itself!

Seriously though I cant think of what would have caused this to happen and now it seems to have gone away...

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