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Throttle Body Gasket


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Hey guys, Thinking of cleaning my TB today. Was just wondering if I can cut my own gasket? I have tons of gasket material laying around.

BTW, Flushed the coolant a few days ago. I'm sure many of you know the left and right drain !Removed! are a pain in the !Removed!. I had to get a 18" extension and slip it between the R+P boots, This gave me enough space to put some muscle on it and break it loose.

Thought I should contribute something here, No matter how small.

Regards, Pete

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I made my own gasket for my throttle body and so far so good . I think the most important part is to make sure if you

cut it a little larger that it's a little larger to the outside . you dont want any extra gasket hanging inside throttle body . that could constrict air flow. and make sure that the gasket material is the same thickness.

I'm no expert here but I think that makes sense.

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i had my TB cleaned the other day, they took out the intake manifold too. since new gaskets were not available, they did cut a new set to replace, works fine till now

I think he is saying that it has not caused a problem. and when he says "they" i think he means the dealer. so gasket paper should work fine.

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