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Heat And Foam Seats


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As you already know, there's not much foam to collapse! While the heating element in the seats may cause a bit of degradation over time, I don't believe that it would be nearly as much a contributing factor as simply the weight of the seat occupant.

You may want to seek out a good automotive upholstery shop in your area and inquire about having additional or replacement padding installed into your RX seats. When I converted my 1999 Dodge Ram pickup from cloth to leather seats back in 2001, I had the shop add additional padding in both seats along with the conversion to leather. It made a world of difference to me by adding more support for my back, butt, and thighs. The conversion has really held up well over the years. I can hop into my truck today, drive for 6 hours straight, and still feel refreshed upon arriving at my destination. Of course, I have major headroom and legroom in my truck cab compared to any RX cabin, and my truck seat frames are much larger, longer, and sturdier than any RX as well....

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One of the members of our car club is the owner of a automotive upholstery shop. I might take a run over to his shop when it stops snowing. Every other car that I own, except the 57', has had sheep skin covers. I was afraid that the sheep skin in the RX would raise me into the headliner.

I hear ya on the truck. I've got a built 77' Ford 4X4. Lots of space, but 11 MPG.

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