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Programming Steering Wheel Volume Controls 03 Ls430


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Does anyone know the procedure to reprogram the volume controls on the steering wheel ? My '03 had the integrated phone installed which I never use anymore and I would like for the controls on the steering wheel to control the volume up and down for the audio system. There was a post about a year ago that I have tried without sucess. Can this be done ??? :(

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I doubt that you can just "reprogram" your steering wheel volume controls. The steering wheel controls were "hijacked" for use with the phone when the dealer installed the phone system.

I would hope that this would be an easy question for a Lexus dealer. It might be as simple as unplugging the cable for the steering wheel control from the phone system harness and plugging it back into the audio system. Or it might require removing phone system components. Lots of people have removed the phone systems from older Lexus vehicles and it is normally not all that difficult.

If you don't want to talk to the dealer you might try if you are willing to do a short term subscription. You should verify it yourself, but I just checked and saw that techinfo has (or is supposed to have) accessory installation instructions for all Lexus vehicles back to 1990.

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