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Transmission Oil In Differential From Factory?


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2005 RX330 55,000 MILES

When changing the oil at 55,000 miles I noticed both ends of the deferential was wet with oil. I have an extended warranty so I dropped it off at Lexus to have it checked out. They called and said that the differential was filled with transmission fluid. (I taught it looked red) They are going to cover it under the warranty. I had Lexus service it at 5,000 miles, and had Valvoline change the oil at 10,000 miles. And then I started changing the oil every 5,000 miles. I had it back to Lexus about 4 times for headlight fogging, seats not heating etc. but nothing to do with the drive train. No one else has touched the car. So it had to be filled with the wrong fluid when built.

Here's my questions. With transmission fluid being lighter weight than gear oil will the differential be damaged? Should any problems caused by this show up in the next 45,000 miles? Does anyone here works at a Lexus plant that can tells me how this was possible? ( I know a lot of people that work at a Toyota plant so I will run it by them.) And has anyone else found this in their car?

Thank God I bought the 100,000 mile extended warranty when a friend was interested in buying it. But now we are thinking of keeping it for another 6 years and after my spouses truck bights the dust to start driving the RX to work 60 miles away. So I was hoping to get 200,000+miles out of it. I guess I will look into it close to the end of the warranty

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Don

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The transmission and front differential share the same synthetic transmission fluid. It is called a transaxle. The rear differential and transfer case use gear oil. Sounds like the mechanics at Lexus are really happening.

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