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Choosing An Sc 430, Help!


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Hi SC forum goers!

So here's the deal. I'm buying an SC 430 and I've tracked down three which are all different colours and years. I need help choosing one!

Option 1: Silver with black leather, 2001 - $70,000

Option 2: White with black leather, 2002 - $67,800

Option 3: Black with cream leather, 2003 - $69,900

The silver one comes from a private dealership who sells $500,000 Ferrari's, Bentley's and Rolls Royce's. This makes me think, am I safer going with these people?

The white one comes from a standard Toyota/Lexus dealership which is okay.

The black one would have to be send down from Sydney but the cost isn't an issue, it's the trouble I may incur.

I like all the colour combinations but I'm a 21 year old guy so would the cream leather be too girly? I just want any opinions I can get please! Which is going to be the best car?!

Thanks so much for your help in advance!













These are pictures of the actual cars.

Milage are as follows, I've converted it from KMs to Miles.

Silver: 18,019 Miles

White: 49,646 Miles

Black: 58,730 Miles

Keep in mind that I've been searching for an SC for months since there aren't many here in Australia so finding another isn't really an option!

Thanks again!

Oh! BTW, there are a few things I want to do to my SC 430. I really need to update the Navigation software. Right now I drive a 2006 i-Tech Prius which has the later software and I can't live with the old one!

I'd also like to update the taillights to the current LED design and find some way of getting my iPod's music through the car stereo with controls through the steering wheel! Any suggestions or comments, anything would be helpful!

Thanks :)

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Colours rather personal but you cant go wrong with black, white or silver :P

Whats the millage.

I've had all 3 colors, with 3 black cars and loved all of them, though black shows dirt much more than the others... silver shows dirt the least and white is a close 2nd (Yes, I keep my car clean, but I DO live in Chicago). The lighter leather will also show dirt/wear more over time; my old SC400 had it and it really picked up the black from my leather driving coat, and it wasn't easy to keep clean. My current SC is the same colors as Aquanuke's, and it's my favorite so far... hey Aquanuke: do you ever go to sleep? :D

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All those look great, Low miles and a newer car are my criteria...that being said the white interior will find dirt easier, but if its in good shape it will be fine, also the I agree the silver will be easier to get in and drive without the guilt of not washing!

Good luck and enjoy which ever you decide...

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We dont sleep over here :D Unfortunately I work from my PC so Im here most of the time.

Black was not my first choice, I think I was looking for Amethyst Perl but then when I saw the black with the tan interior I fell in love with it :wub:

Although I dont think the cream interior is girly I do think it would be a PITA with keeping clean. I also was not keen on the lighter maple wood.

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