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Removing Small Dents And Dings


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So, it turns out that there is a small ding on the right rear passenger door of my black IS300...before it didn't really bother me, but now, the more and more I look at it, the more I'm like ahhHhhHHH (the dent is quite visible on really sunny days)

probably some stupid guy opened their door too close to mine...=(

but anyways, I was wondering what's the best way to remove a small dent/ding? I did some research and was wondering what the best method was...and if some of these methods actually work or not?

1) the dry ice dent removal trick:

2) the hair dryer / compressed air trick:

3) PDR (paintless dent removal) service

4) just suck it up and live with it

any thoughts and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! thanks!

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I have "a guy." for that stuff. He pretty much just does small dent removals for a living, and he's great. He took a dent out that I thought for sure was impossible. And when he was done, you couldn't tell at all that it was ever there. Cost me 75 bucks. So I took the wifes Volvo to him and he went around that car and removed I would say atleast 8 small door dings and parking lot scars for 150 bucks. When we got it back the next day, the car looked brand new again. I was very happy to write that check.

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awww...I need "a guy" for dings and dents too! that price isn't too bad either...I would be more than happy to pay someone to take a small dent out for me if he/she is professional...

anyone got any good recommendations for the bay area in california?

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