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99' Es300 Good Investment?


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I am currently looking at a couple 1999 ES300's for sale with about 70-80k miles, for around $10,000...very clean nice looking cars. The car will mostly be for highway driving to and from work.

My wife and I have a 2005 RX330 with 30,000 miles that we absolutely love. From reviews I have read these cars should have another 100k, at least, left in them.

Is this a worth while investment for the asking price, or I am going to end up paying to much in repairs and maintenance in the next 50-70k miles?

Any comments and suggestions and comments would be greatly appreciated!

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If possible get service records (engine sludge issue)....the TB & WP are due at 90k as well. All in well cared for example will give you many years of trouble free service. Good luck & welcome to LOC. B)


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I bought a used 99 ES300 two years ago.

My problem is the clinking noise from the front struts. Replace the strut mounts - no more noise.

My car reachs 135k now. I still love it.

Remember: 100k service at Lexus dealer is very very expensive.

Good luck!

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