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Fuse Diagram/heated Oxygen Sensor


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I have owned my 95 lexus ES300 for about 3 months now and have been trying to get my CEL off for the last two months. The code is for Heated Oxygen sensor inop S1B1.

My first question is relating to its location. I have seen posts saying that it is between the engine and firewall, and I have seen other posts that says it is between radiator and engine at the manifold. Now, I am pretty sure it is the latter but i have tried a universal bosch, and a denso oem direct fit and the light came on the next day both times. Location?

Second, I used to work in a shop but not as a tech and i have a lot of trust in my mechanics knowledge of all cars regardless of make and model. He is great but i cant take my car there to get worked on because the owner will rape me. He asked if i checked the fuse? Now, i looked at all the fuse boxes and did not see any fuses labeled anything close to heated oxygen sensor or anything having to do with that. Any input on that? Is there a fuse i can check that will solve my problem?

Do i need a cat for an O2 CEL code?

Please Help!

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