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New To Lexus 2005 Es330

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Ok, the Range Rover was coming up on lease the the gas mileage was killing us. So we downsize a bit (payment, size and gas money) and bought a 2005 ES330 yesterday. Just trying to learn as much as possible before asking lots of questions. It's the wife's car but you know how that goes. Anyway, here's a list of things I'd like to do on the car:

-New exhaust--gotta get some noise out of this thing. Too quiet. :)

-CAI--not sure as I've heard mixed results with various cars. Have to dig into this further.

-Tuning--gotta see what the tuners can do with this thing. Always nice to coax a few extra ponies out. :)

-Replace stereo--didn't get Nav. Planning on getting a head unit with Nav and Sirius (I'm a Sirius junky). Will have to research what works/looks best.

-Debadging--gotta get rid of the badges on the back.

Other than that I'm looking forward to driving it. Although it wasn't my first choice I have no real complaints about it. I don't expect it to be on par (handling-wise or fun-wise) as my Miata. I also don't expect it'll be much good offroad like my Discovery. :) But I figure it'll fit just nicely somewhere in between to get the wife and kids around AND keep our monthly gas bill lower!

Looking forward to learning from everyone here. :)

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Nice car, I'm sure you'll be happy with it. I have a 04 es 330, 48000 miles, dealer maintained, no problems. I would leave the car stock, its not meant to be a race car or sound like one, thats what I think. What ever you do to it you should be happy with it. It would be fun to push the car to its limits, just to see how it would do. Have fun!


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Can I ask why you want to 'de-badge' the car? :unsure:


Sure. I should qualify what I mean by, "de badge," first. I don't mean remove the Lexus logo. I just plan on taking off the ES330 and the Lexus (word) as I like the look of it without the words. Here's a pic of my Miata minus the MX-5 and Mazda on the back.


Some people like it better, others don't. I just happen to prefer it minus the words.


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