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03 Ls430 Headlights


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Hey guys, 1st post, sorry if this has been posted before, but didn't see what I am looking for. I just bought my wife a 2003 LS430, and both of the low beam lights are like candles. I asked the Lexus dealer and they said that each light has it's own computer/ballast, but it is very abnormal for both lights to be dim because the computer/ballast is bad. I can't afford to take it to Lexus and pay them a grand just to fix the problem. Any ideas?

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I checked my repair manual set for my 00 LS and was surprised that, except for the self leveling feature, there are no detailed diagnostic procedures for the HID headlights in my car - only charts with voltage and continuity values for various connectors and at the underhood fuse block.

Has a Lexus dealer given you an estimate of $1,000 to fix this problem? Surely it wouldn't cost all that much to get a diagnosis at a Lexus dealership or an indie Lexus repair shop. The problem could be as simple as a corroded connection.

If you are good at diagnosing automobile electrics, you could do a short subscription to to see if you can find information about your problem.

The main thing I recommend is to find a good indie repair shop that specializes in Lexus. Try asking around.

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