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Sc300 Supercharger Kits

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Yeah, the problem is that superchargers been getting more attention around the tuning scene for awhile now like the 350z and the many other cars like Honda and Acuras had been getting some from Jackson Racing. What had become of us NA SC300 owners who was thinking....Twin Turbo 2jz?been done...turbo naT?been done too...Supercharged 2JZ-GE? i was wondering how much power can it make. the only one i can find is the one from Vortech that they had a kit done on a IS300. Does anyone know of a supercharger kit for a sc300?

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Aside from universal ones, I don't believe there are s/c kits specifically designed for the 2JZ. The JZ family had so many turbo applications that it made it easy to tune. Superchargers requires less modification/fabrication which is why its more popular in the aftermarket among cars and engines not originally designed for turbos. Trying to turbo a stock engine means you got to re-route the exhaust along with other things.

Why not just do a supra swap?Its easy and with that engine's sequential twin turbo you still get power boost even at the low rpms.

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