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Blinker Prob. I Can't Figure It Out

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Earlier chat there was someone in here post the similar problem with the tail light. I believe the housing contact was pushed way in due to number of times bulb replacement and also some rust on the contact. All he did was sand off the rust and pulled out the pin far enough to make contact to lightbulb.

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I've got a 95 and it does the same thing, and has for years. It was my mom's car and she took it to the dealer several times, and from what she told me they said it was an electrical system problem that would be extremely expensive to fix. I checked all the bulbs and it didn't fix it. Mine only does it on the left side also, right side is fine. Well, I guess this post is really no help. I've decided to just live with it, its not worth my time to look into it, and maybe the people behind me think i REALLY want to get over...

If you find a solution, let me know.


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I talked with service writer in Colorado about the same problem and he said to live with it if it still works. The problem is with a resistance in the circuit and he said it is a bad design. It may be right at the connector to the light or elswhere. My light is the one piece unit that you have to take off the tire and the mud protector and the washer fluid tank and who knows what else to get to. Yes the price I was quoted is $700 and I have condesation inside as well. I may have to deal with the fast blinker when the safety check comes due in May.

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here ya go.

i finally figured out my problem. License plate light is directly connected to the head lights.

i found the problem after getting a ticket from a state trooper.

I am still not sure what you are trying to say ?

The liscense plate lights were burnt out so the headlights stopped?

the wiring was damaged ?

need more info

Are you sure the wiring wasnn't damaged behind the light causeing the rapid blinking .Since the hid's use less power the whole cuircit now had more available power which caused a small break to become a larger resistance?

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