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Blinker Prob. I Can't Figure It Out

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it all worked fine until i put Phillips 9006 HID kit.

after the install...

right side works good, left side blinks fast.

when i use emergency hazard light, both side comes on perfect..

I've checked the bulb and bulb was fine...but anyways..i'd changed the bulb to a new one.

problem still exist.

only when i give left signal, it blinks FAST.

any word of wisdom would be appreciated.

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does the "rear light" light comes on in the dash?

My right side is blinking faster only if I step on the brake...and I know I have burned out light bulbs...

just never get to replace them...and my "rear llight" is on in the dash....

check to make sure all bulbs are okay...normal and when brake is on...

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The "rear light out" is not associated to the turn signal cuircit.

You may have damaged a wire changing out the wires.

Or there could be a wiring problem cuasing a bad ground which is reversing the flow of the cuicit of the signal.

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but why just one side?

not both sides..

if the ground was bad, it should affect both sides..right?

i've pulled the headlight out today, looked at the whole thing...everything's in good shape.

i couldn't find the ground point for the headlights though.. (it must be connected to other wires and share a common ground point)

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you will only be able to know by tracing it back throught the wires.

Have you reinstalled the old lights to see if it stopped.

Each side signal is on its own cuicit the hazard just runs on it own relay.

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popping out the headlight was easy.

disconnect all those little things behind it..9006, 9005 and that blinker one.

pull that plastic cover (3-4 screws and a plastic pop up)

undo 2 bolts (toward the center of the car, where the grille is)

pull the whole thing out.

my problem exist wheather lights are on OR off.

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I have an ES300 mnfg. 11/95 and it has three screws. Even after removing all of them the light will not move. It is a one piece light and it seems to have a screw inside than can be remooved only after taking the front lens out, but that is not easily obvious to accomplish either. I am waiting for a Haynes manual and hoping for instruction there.

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Okay..last night, i put back the right original 9006 bulb. blinker problem still exist.

i checked every single bulb..including all interior ones..they are fine.

all fuses, relays are fine too.

right signal clicks at normal rate, left signal clicks faster

if i press the hazard light..both light blinks at normal rate.

Does anyone have this kind of problem on their es300? Personally, i bought a lexus to avoid little problems like this, but so far, lexus is not being nice to me.

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check the contacts on the light housing.i had the same problem and fixed it by rubbing the contacts with some sand paper and that fixed it.if you replaced the bulb then its the contcts on the light not the bulb.

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I've had that problem with a different car and there is somethign called dielectric grease (also called "bulb grease") that you can use to increase conductivity. It maybe connecting enought to work, but not fully.

If you dont' have bulb grease, then WD-40 is great for electrical circuits, just use it sparingly.

Let us know if that works.

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More for a personal message, but doing ok. Business has been sporatic lately...Really really busy, then really really slow.

I think when the Lexus poses no maintenance problems, it's easy to drift from the board. The thing just hummmms. I'm still looking at the LS someday.



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I have the same problem with the right turn signal on my 94. But it comes and goes. Front and rear light bulbs work, but the thing blinks rapidly sometimes. I told the dealer about this when I test drove it. He said they checked it out and it was fine. That was a few weeks ago before I bought it, now it's mine and probably my problem. The headlight housing now has condensation in it so it may be related to that. Has anyone on this post been successfull in fixing this problem or finding the cause?

By the way, what's the recommended method of clearing the condensation from the headlight? The dealer wanted $750 to install a new headlight unit. Fuget it!

I'm beginning to feel like I bought an Austin Healy or Triumph with all the electrical quirks this thing has. Thanks.

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