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New Owner 95 Sc300


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yeah she is beautiful. i happened to find out today she's always been serviced by an orange county lexus dealer. i called them up. they pulled up pages and pages of records, some including ps steering pump replaced at 140k, tranny pan replaced at 120k, timing belt done at 90k. it seems to me the previous owner never missed any fluid change. on top of that, the guy got new tires last august at the dealer. bet he's one superb loyal lexus customer. the dealer service guy told me if i come down, they can print me all these records.

i just had the tint taken off since it was bubbling and blury. i also polished the headlight lenses (as seen in the pic)

everything is running in perfect condition except some minor things:

- fuel gauge needle light is out (dealer says the whole cluster needs replacement for the fix..)

- right rear speaker is not functional. the rests sound great!

- one back light bulb is out on the climate control lcd display, on the right side (again, dealer says the whole cluster needs replacement for the fix..)

- driver seat leather gets old, need to do something

- wiper paint is wearing out (i gonna take them out and spray-paint them)

- heater control valve is slowly dripping coolant and prob need replacement. it's no biggie for now.

if you guys have any suggestion for the fixes, please let me know. much appreciated.

the car reminds me of my old 2000 honda prelude, except that she is far more luxurious, yet with auto tranny.

my other car is 2002 bmw 530i. both cars weights about the same and with the same size 3.0 inline 6 engine. however, the sc seems to be faster and more agile, while the bmw makes me feel more safe and has better lighting at night.

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