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California: Central Coast "big Meet"

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If you're from the Central Coast you know this is long over due ...There seems to be a big enough intrest in modified cars here on the Central Coast and what would be a better way to bring us all together than a huge MEET! :D

March 29th, 2008

12:00 Noon

Kohls Shopping Center (Santa Maria)

Japanese, JDM, VIP, European, EDM, DTM etc...all cars welcome (even street bikes) :D

The location should be enough room to fit everyone and there is plenty of places to grab lunch.

So let everyone know and let's get a good turnout. This is a car MEET not a competition of who's better, faster, stronger etc. Simply a way to meet new people, see old friends, and check out everyone's rides.


Please add your name to the list if you plan on going :thumbup:

1. M-Power M3 (Gabe)

2. BGbala (David)

3. silversleeper (Matt)

4. ///M3 (George)

5. sausage_rocket (Sam)

6. EuroKre8 (Bobby)

7. Cheesy GTI (Tommy)



10. joeyd (tentative)

11. quikmni (Mike)

12. dubn805

13. poopy(jose) *Possibly bringing an e92 M3*

14. sara beezy(sara)

15. seans porche(sean)

16. 2sik M3

17. carnino(justin)

18. chungtachicken (tentative)

19. 04quicksilver (possibly up to 5 m3's rolling w/me)

20. DRIVEN (tentative)

21. ...lostwrx

22. edwinisdumb15 (edwin)

23. 2 BXY4U (Dante)

24. OutlwStr (Kyle)

25. Jason B. (WRX)

26. Eric

27. Nihon Newbie

28. ragnarok720

29. The Godfather (Mike)

30. Kerscher a4 (Dion)

31. egui42

32. Disturbance (tentative)

33. 88ttopfox


35. tavo g36

36. adrian 350z

37. subieslo

38. Flea420

39. Handles (Ryan-Wrx)

40. nyte_ryder (tentative)

41. Wilson (white evo9)

42. Yonash

43. HotRodMex

44. pointofnoreturn

45. Cosmo (tentative)

46. sinisters2k

47. Smog7

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