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Blower Runs High And Low Only--no Medium Speeds

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Okay, so '92 ES300, the climate control went from perfect order to the next day no blower speed except maximum. So I ran searches here, and everybody says change the resistor--which I did. Now, I get low speed as well as maximum, but still no mid-range speeds. The digital control will go from low to high, but the blower stays on low on all settings except for maximum, at which point it goes from lowest to maximum.

Is it possible I got a "compatible" part but not the correct part, such that it will work, but not to specification? The blower resistor was a wild goose chase: several parts places, two Lexus dealerships. I even tricked the Toyota parts dept. with a phony '95 Avalon which allegedly uses the same part as ES300. Anyway, I had to use a part from Niehoff, which looks exactly as the original, except the part number stamped on the flange varies at the last digit. It was sold as a '92 ES300 part. Is there another component that would affect mid-range speeds? The FSM mentions a "power transistor," and shows it is just below the blower resistor. Would this have any bearing?

Thanks for any info. Otherwise, I guess it's off to the parts place one more time, or just straight to the electrical shop.


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