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Navigation Upgrade To 7.1 Worth It?

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I have a 4th generation navigation, and enjoy the ability to do the manual override. I currently have the 5.1 map DVD. I understand that the new map upgrade to 7.1 disables the ability to override the system so that you can enter information while moving. My question is if anyone went forward with the upgrade to 7.1 and do they think the map update is worth losing the override ability.

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It really depends on the number of new roads / POI's in your area. If I lived in an area that had a bunch of new development and new roads, I would want the latest disc with the latest map data and wouldn't mind losing out on the override feature.

But if there wasn't really much new around the areas I drove, I would probably keep the same disc that I had. Hope that helps!

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I have GS300 2006 but a 2004 DVD version. I thought I bought the right version of DVD for the upgrade to 2005 but it didnt work because I think I got the wrong DVD. What should I look for to make sure I get the right DVD upgrade.

Also, I dont have the over ride now but plan on doing it in a year or so. Is there a DVD version that I should not use if I want to do this? Thanks for any help.


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