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2004 Rx330 Passenger Side Rear Mirror Cracked!


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Hi all,

Need some guidance here... in the unfortunate event that comeone cracked the front passenger side rear view mirror of my 2004 RX330. The motor and housing seems fine.. it should only be the mirror which needs replacing .. quote from the dealer costs approx $500 parts alone. I have the following questions:

- searching via ebay there are couple of passenger used parts. I am thinking as I only need the mirror and colour trim of the casing to me is not an issue. However apparently I have done some research and seems like the parts (not sure if they are talking about the full housing or just the mirror)has 2 different ones... one is "with memory" and the other "without memory".. if I am just replacing the mirror... does this make a different? Just not sure whether there is any electrical function built in the mirror? I am assuming there is some connector to the actual mirror itself to provide for the heating/memory feature.. or isit the wiring is actually to a motor and the mirror just clip to the motor... I am confused...

- How easy is it to replace the mirror only? Dealer told me it is difficult as you might break the mirror (or the mechanical parts) when you try to pop it in ?

- Anyone have a assembly diagram on the side mirror assembly?

- Also apparently some of the greenish gel from the mirror gets to the body

Any help is much appreciated...


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The mirror glass is replaceable by itself, but its the most expensive part of the assembly. The mirror glass is close to $400. There is only one glass, so memory is not an issue. There is a small electrical connector on the mirror glass for the heating and auto dimming function.

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